Monday, January 28, 2008

A Perspective about "The Sin"

"Sin" means 'to lack', or to be without!

The word "Sin" is a latin word and occurs in its various forms within the latin languages via the direct translation of the word "without";

spanish - sin
french - sans
italian - senza
portuguese - sem

To "sin knowledge" for example inhibits a person to make the most ideal choice, or decision possible which evokes a cause that is brought forth by containing (the) Sin. This includes the cause of thought-perception, the emotional attachment and the action that results thereof.
Therefore the effect of the cause also contains "Sin" (lack).

This can be viewed as either incomplete, or complete depending on what a person expects from the result as the question is also about the achievement of matching one's vision in its totality, or not as well as if so awareness lays dormant.

This all stands in perspective to the observer. One may find lack (sin) within a certain situation, result, and even in other people where another may perceive the same incident or person as perfect.
Therefore the mere judgment of the Sin is personal and is decided by the ego-mind and governed by personal preferences, opinions and what one believes to be true.

The collective judgment about "the Sin" concerning humanity is therefore solely in the hands of God and powerless within the Ego of man-kind.

- Judge not! - Love "What Is" -

Love, Peace and Light,

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