Friday, May 9, 2008

What if Jesus spoke French?

I am pondering the thought that Jesus may very well have spoken French, as there are sources that speak of Jesus having spent a good while of his life in France.

What if Jesus traveled into "foreign countries" while speaking French, teaching his I AM philosophy and how to discover God inside oneself while having come across language barriers? Just imagine Jesus speaking about the "I AM - Presence" in each and everyone of us which connects us to God within by articulating this in French? The most effective way when not really being verbally understood is to create a sound-mantra which can be passed on and that reaches each and every one's frequency within their DNA, which in this case is I AM ..... JESU(i)S.

It seems like Jesus may have received his name truly based on God's Word and was perceived in the world that was non-French speaking somewhat based on the lines like Kevin Costner in the movie "Dances with Wolves", because I AM translated into the French language is JE SUIS!!!

I leave this here for a thought to ponder; after all my mind is wide open and perceives infinite possibilities.

Love and Light

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