Sunday, August 30, 2009

It is 'Back to School' for our Children in about a week!

Dear Parents,
it is 'back to school' for our children!
Here comes to mind, that all the hype about the new 'swine flue' is again created to instill fear into people's minds!
Please think about and revise your actions carefully!
You do have the Constitutional Right to keep your body and the bodies of your children safe!
A person's body is 'untouchable', and anyone trying to invade another person's 'private space' is conducting physical injury and can be prosecuted by law!!!

A public school must not tell you and your child that she/he cannot attend, because you kept your child's body safe from the highly toxic ingredients which are mixed into the vaccine shots! If a school refused a child to attend for such reasons they would conduct black-mail against your child's health! It is against the law, because it is a criminal act in itself!!!

Refrain from falling into the 'trap' of mainstream doctors and the school's Principals trying to coerce you to getting your kids injected with toxins under the false pretense of 'imminent danger'! ..... This is to create the illusion of fear, so you will become reactive instead of response-able!!!

Take this to heart! Make your decisions wisely based upon your own convictions, solely, because you have claimed YOUR RIGHT to think for yourself! Do more researches on your own, get more information!!! After all you are the care-takers of your children as you love them and want them safe! No one else, but YOU decide! So, please base your decisions upon your own researches and accumulated knowledge while using independent resources! Discriminate!!!

No one loves your children more than You, no matter what 'they' say!!!

At the end of the day Your decision will affect your sons and daughters for the rest of their lives!

Click on the link below to start getting informed! This is just to help you get started to gather information on your own..... furthermore you can use search engines to read more and to learn more, too!

Get informed! Do it NOW!

Love to You and Our Children,

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