Sunday, April 22, 2007

What interconnects us all?

Today is the first day (originally written on 9/24/2006) of posting my articles as I am sitting before me and reflecting on the grand knowledge and wisdom that I have received and obtained while walking my life's journey.
I wish to thank all my teachers, angels, the spirits and most of all God/Goddess him/herself.
Divine Impulse To One has its purpose to bring all life in all forms together in
Love, Peace and Light.
In order for this type of unified energy to flow it is necessary to understand the WHAT IS the common ground between all life and beings as we recognize the essence of interconnectedness that we all share.
Not only do we understand and recognize but we choose to focus, maintain, take good care of and nourish the 'One Thing' that is undoubtedly imprinted in each and every living creature walking here on planet earth - (and elsewhere, but we will speak about this at a latter point and time)
The keyword here is LIFE!
What or Who creates LIFE?
Why do we live?
What all is comprised of living energy, called LIFE?
How and why is LIFE held together?
Once you step outside your door and enter into the manifestation of this world called earth plane besides your personal headquarters, do yourself a favor and take a look around you by trying to focus on and starting to recognize the living things that surround you.
Other human beings, the birds and the trees, all the plants and the flowers you can see and smell, if you so wish. Think about the aquatic life that inhabits all our oceans, as well as your own or your neighbour's pet - just to name some living beings.
I leave it up to you to think about all living creatures THAT THERE ARE!
The common ground that we all share is Love, because Love not only creates life but it maintains life as long as Love is disbursed and nourished.
Where there is no Love, life cannot exist.
If a mother fails to nourish her infant the infant could no longer exist.
If rain does not nourish our fauna and flora all the forests of the worlds would die.
Mother nature has great Love for all living beings on our beloved planet.
All life is maintained through the right amount of touch by willingly providing
THE ESSENCE of what each and every living being needs in order to survive.
In today's world many things are off balance in order to maintain life through love at ALL TIMES! ~ (Or should I say via THE NATURAL LAWS OF UNIVERSAL TIME that already has been altered by human kind for millenias?)
There are the wars on the global level, as well as in our very own homes when the willingness to disburse Love is sub-pressed through negative emotions like anger, fear, hatred, blame, guilt etc.
Often we are not conscious of why we sub-press, and how to release the sub-pressed energies out of our system.
In order to heal, one needs to get to know the tools of how about going to do so.
First of all it is of utmost importance to understand that thought creates emotion.
So, as long as our thought pattern (soft-ware) does not change we will not be able to release.
But more about this later.
What we need to understand at this point and time is the interconnectedness of all things that exists because of Love.
Love cannot be described as a mere emotion, because Love is not the product of emotion.
Love IS; emotion is obliged to Change.
Isn't it more true that a certain emotion is a product of Love?
Love sets benevolent feelings into motion which I describe as the energy in motion
(e-motion) and therefore has to come from some place other than our individual abilities to think and feel.
Feelings are choices made via the mind.
So, if one chooses to not connect with God's provided 'Grand Reservoir of Love', and therefore to also make it one's choice to respond with Love and to speak through Love, then the feeling (e-motion) cannot be good, nor healthy, neither life preserving.
As negative feelings 'come into motion' by not choosing Love via our Free Will, we ourselves are the reason why we create blockages in our auric field.
Once our personal energy is unable to 'free flow' because of this we create dis-ease which can lead to serious illness, if not removed in time!
As Love is what keeps all living creatures alive and healthy it then has to be seen as the 'unification factor' that interconnects us, because of the fact that this IS what we all have in common.
Animals and plants don't have the problem of being stuck with unhealthy individual thought patterns that create dis-ease in their emotional life and therefore dis-ease in their auric fields.
The human race has altered nature via the summon of unhealthy actions via thought not only towards one-self and each other, but towards nature, too and therefore has driven all living beings into detriment.
The Air is polluted, food is genetically altered, chemicals are used to conserve foods etc. etc. etc.
Not to speak about the many drugs authorized by the so called health gurus of the 20th and 21st century.
In my opinion there is a reason why they are called drugs!!!
Isn't it hypocritical to call many drugs 'legal' and some others 'illegal'?
In my opinion drugs are drugs and in all cases produced via a chemical process and therefore do they no longer carry the blue print of what nature provided via God's Love to keep ALL LIFE in a healthy balance.
One just has to read or watch the daily news in order to understand what I am speaking about.
As Love is God-Sent and therefore creates THE LIFE OF ALL,
and from the ALL THERE IS we do need to understand the 'Essence of Unification' as the 'UNI-VERSE'.
There is only One Divine Impulse possible which stems from the 'One Source of all Being' that solely manifest itself in the Life of Eternity via the 'UNI-VERSE'.
One Love, One Law, God's Law that enables the dark matter of the Universe to be manifested into the Living Light of Life via God's Divine Love, and via God's very own creation of ALL THERE IS.
The Universe is expanding, as well as many stars are being birthed right at this second and the 'speed of time' has increased as well.
Now, as we have been given 'Free Will' by God, isn't it high time NOW to adjust our ego-driven personalities to God's Living and Loving Will, by respecting and flowing with God's Uni-Versal Law in order to save the LIFE OF ALL?
In Love, Peace and Light

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