Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Personal Universe

The Personal Universe is about choices. it is about the choices in which way one acts, feels and thinks. This builds one's character, as it builds a person's likes and dislikes and the life one therefore chooses to live.
The Personal Universe is possessed by the "Persona", or ego and for this reason is governed and controlled by the individual itself who inhabits this particular space.
This Personal Universe is comprised out of the physical element of the Body, the mental element of the conscious Mind and the subconscious Mind (solar plexus) of intuitive thinking also called a person's Spirit-Soul.
Now, each person born into earth-manifestation has to be comprised out of these three elements (Body, Mind, Spirit) otherwise one would not walk on this planet as a living being. As each person is in possession of and inhabiting the three above mentioned elements which enable one to live, one is entirely self-responsible for one's so called possessions and inhabitants. It is left up to each and every individual of how he/she views these God-given possessions, treats them, interacts and communicates with them no matter what one feels that another person sais, thinks or wants you to do. After all, this other person is just a fraction of Your Personal Universe and can only be viewed as a helpful aspect of feedback concerning the result of how you have built and taken care of your Personal Universe at any given moment of your life. A moment equals the presence of Now.
This other person also inhabits his/her Personal Universe and therefore lives along side yours, and is also fully responsible to govern his/her own space.
One is solely responsible for him/herself in all aspects concerning thoughts, feelings and actions.
In analogy to the Body, Mind and Spirit I AM presenting a similar type of scenario to you.
Think of holding dear a valuable treasure sitting inside of your home may this be an expensive painting, or a piece of jewelry that has been inherited from a deceased loved one, for example, or a photograph that you would never let go of.
My Question is: How come that many people still up to this day would fight to the bone in order to protect their material goods from being stolen, burglarized or destroyed, yet are not consciously thinking and knowing how to work their God given defense mechanism when it comes to another trespassing one's Body, Mind and Spirit-Soul???
Isn't it true that Your Being is the most precious Good that you could ever have in possession to use and to utilize well with the Intention to create more Good, more Love, more Abundance, Joy and Happiness? It is yours to have, because God/the Universal Mind thought You into existence for this particular purpose!
Through this act of Love you came into existence like light through a laser beam, a bundle of Joy that has not only the right but also the duty to keep up the light in its highest of frequency possible. You are the Keeper of the Gateway to Your Heaven! It is your job to only let positive vibration into your Personal Universe, called Life. It is your job to use your God given mind correctly in order to discern right from wrong, healthy from unhealthy, good from bad, love from fear, joy from hatred etc.... This outer world of yours that you have thought into existence inhabits dualities where you are constantly to choose from which ones are positively or negatively affecting your Personal Universe which in its blue print is the Potential Paradise. It is your job to keep it this way by being on guard! You've been born with this blue print of a paradise and all knowledge and tools that you need in order to live this paradise within side of You in order to manifest paradise throughout your entire Personal Universe called Life in the physical form of your Body and your surroundings of the outer world.
Every time one fails to stay true to oneself by not using the tools of knowledge that one is provided with since birth, one has allowed in the situation by 'being off guard' which then shows up in an extended situation that You as the physical being views as Your Life that then is not to your liking as it starts to not feel good. Anytime when you go against your better judgment and accept an unpleasant situation into your life coming from outside of yourself (as being reflected back to you), even though your gut feeling (impulse sent from your solar plexus) informs you about this situation via the message of 'feeling wrong' and you then still decide to ignore 'the messenger', you have no-one and nothing else to blame but yourself, when then the movie-screen of your life presents an unwanted outcome. It might be the money that you feel that you deserve but are not making, the job position that you have yet wishing to work some place else, the people that have entered your Personal Universe that you feel are not to be there, the Body that you are in and not happy with, wishing of being healthy and feeling great within you without any pain, and the list goes on and on....
Then one starts to blame the people one lives with, and also looks to find reasoning in the malefic circumstances by telling oneself of being helpless of what goes on around oneself, thinking oneself to believe that one is not in charge and not in control etc. etc. etc... which then creates more negative feelings, because of the fact that you started to think wrong!!!
Blame also means to Be lame!
So, as you are the only person existent in your Personal Universe, the only One that is 'Being lame' is You! If you find blame in any of the above mentioned aspects, or other aspects in your life that I may have left out to mention, Think Again!
It is You that has allowed insecurity (having been off guard) into your Personal Universe called Life may it be through having deliberately ignored the messenger that was sending you something via your senses, or simply not having paid enough attention using your conscious Mind which has the ability to discern and to find reasoning and therefore is to do its job by putting things into perspective.
Then you start to look outward for help, towards another 'Personal Universe' who is not supposed to make decisions for you as this person does not know you as well as you do and therefore cannot tell you what exactly to do. He/She can bring about thoughts, suggestions and ideas, yet it is still up to You to make your own choices and decisions as you have been given the Gift of being the Master of your very own Personal Universe, where All is about You and only You! It is a place of Free Will of Choice, so chose wisely and by being conscious at all times in order to receive the best outcome possible. If you are looking for an answer, ask You as you are connected to the Universal Mind of God via your intuitive mind, or subconscious called solar plexus! God the Universe always answers when you are ready to hear and to perceive the answer to your question by keeping your mind open, calm and clear. You know when the answer is right, because your gut will let you know by feeling just great!
If something does not feel good, it is your duty to go deeper within and to find a way to fix it as an entire Universe is under your ruler ship and is affected. You are the One responsible as well as the One that is in power to keep your Personal Universe healthy, happy and fully functioning. So, if something is to change in order to make it so, then change it!
It is time to turn to wise choices via decisions made from a clear mind, a loving heart and a gut feeling that joyfully shouts: YES
Yes to Life - Yes to yourself as the Master of your Personal Universe.
You are in control of You, as your conscious Mind does control your Thoughts, which then evoke Feelings which are memorized in your subconscious Mind the solar plexus which then sends the Impulse to God the Universal Mind (The One Soul) that we are All a part of as this is where we stem from and are always interconnected with every Essence of our Being.
Only then when this connection between your subconscious and the Universal Mind is free flowing, established and all blocks are removed it is possible for God/The Universal Mind to bring about your wishes and desires as you have allowed to be helped, guided and you have accepted the quality of help that God is offering. You are not to determine how God is doing God's job in order to bring your wishes and dreams about. You are to accept that IT IS being taken care of as you know and feel it, too.
Your Body is built by God-Source, the Universal Intelligence that we All share through our breathing existence in physical form.
ALL (including You) is made out of atoms, molecules, neurons, protons, electrons and vibrating strings of light with different frequencies of sound.
Therefore: Separation is an Illusion!
Separation only is when brought into thought existence through your conscious and willful Mind having chosen to think of separation. Your Mind has chosen to falsely believe that you are separated from the All There IS! It is up to you to change this perception as well.
You choose what your eyes see, as this is what governs your life. It is time to realize that your eyes are nothing more than a tool in order to perceive what you have projected outward onto your personal movie screen called: Your Life.
These eyes are a part of Your Personal Universe and they are a great tool, if used correctly for the purpose of receiving feed-back for these eyes have the ability to detect where in this life of yours you are truly at in each and very present moment. These eyes deliver pictures to you that then bring about stimuli of felt sensations like for example Joy, Happiness, Love or Pain, Anger, Sadness, Fear etc... Examine these Photographs of your life well and make the conscious choice of Thought of what you are to feel about them. Then close your eyes and decide which of these Photographs you wish to keep, to change or to discard of. Most of all see your life of how you are to truly live it.
In order to achieve different results in the world throughout it is necessary to change Your Personal Universe from within by using your conscious Mind, because Mind rules over Matter and this enables You to raise your feeling frequencies into the higher realms of Love, Joy and Happiness. This way your subconscious (the solar plexus) is able to radiate its full power of life force through your body for the purpose to provide this body of yours with the energy necessary in order to keep you healthy and free of any 'road-blocks', so to speak. Nothing can ever be depressed anymore without you gaining consciousness of it and then taking the necessary thought-action to clean up your roads of Your Life's Journey in this Great Personal Universe of yours. Your Gift will be Love, Joy and Happiness where negative feelings don't have a place to survive any longer. You are the One that has vibrated into a greater and more pleasant existence, whether you are Now choosing to do this consciously or not.
You cannot stop vibrating as Vibration is the Universal Mind Consciousness of God, because if you did stop to vibrate, you are no longer able to keep the many billions of atoms, molecules and so forth in existence in the way your spirit energy inhabits your physical body which is willed into existence solely through God's Divine Intelligent Plan. Once you realize this, you will gladly take conscious efforts in order to co-vibrate for frequencies called Love, Joy, Happiness, Harmony and Peace.
Enjoy The Ride!

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