Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Collective Universe

The Collective Universe stands for the conscious comprehension of ALL Being One. The Collective Universe is the same Universe wherein we perceive the Personal Universe or Individuality! The Collective Universe is accessed in a State of Mind of HIGHER AWARENESS.

As long as children are being born there is a willingness for God to play ~
There are many words for God: The Universal Mind or Universal Intelligence, Source Energy, The One, or Creator God etc., and no matter which label or religion a person chooses the principle behind each name is the same.
It is a Play about Creation manifested, soul-growth and lessons learned, as it also is a Play that allows perceptions to shift and visions to be received and achieved by Free Will of Choice.

Whatever one perceives one also creates, because perception is a belief. It is brought forth by thoughts and feelings by the individual that is consciously or unconsciously connected with Source Energy via their Higher Mind and has therefore 'asked' for a certain outcome, or life situation.
~ "Your Wish Is My Command!" ~

Some people say that all life is pre-designed and that there is nothing an individual can do in order to design their own life and/or its out-come but by the way one chooses to deal with the pre-designed tasks at hand, which then determines whether one lives a life of hardship or a life in abundance, happiness and surrounded by love.

Others say that life is not pre-designed and totally obliges to what one chooses to do with it, as there is Free Will of Choice under all circumstances.

Isn't it possible that both beliefs are true?
Within God - the Universal Mind - everything is possible, isn't it?
Isn't life created by what one believes to be true?
The Omnipotence and the Omnipresence of All There Is allows for any type of manifestation. There are two sides to a coin, so to speak.
The perception and the belief of the observer does create the outcome!

The Collective Universe can also be understood as a presence of a vast array of characters. Right now earth inhabits 6 Billion people, and now add all the souls that have ever lived and are still to be born. From the 'unseen' to the 'seen', from the concealed to the revealed, from the past to present and into the future, and so on...
Within the realm of the Collective Universe time does not exist, or to better explain it time is collapsed!

While sitting on the throne of this Higher Awareness God - the Universal Mind -interacts with the Individual Mind (the brain as the conscious mind, and the solar plexus as the unconscious mind) at any given moment, because when we are thinking and feeling we are connecting; and human beings are in the state of thinking and feeling all the time!
God - the Universal Mind - is therefore interacting with us (and vice versa) All At The Same Time!
The first connection between God and the Individual Mind (un-conscience and conscience) is that what we call The Big Bang! - The so-called beginning of all Creation as we know it.

God - the Universal Mind/Intelligence – is present in every form or character (person) through which HIS (please replace with HERE IS and see how it feels) Energy flows in order to live, to be alive through this hologram called physical body, body temple etc. in order to serve HIM (please replace with HERE I AM and see how it feels) by taking care of HIM (HERE I AM) via applying HIS (HERE IS) Divine and the Universal Laws to our lives.
Needless to say why it is so important to be fully present HERE AND NOW!

For the reason that knowledge can only be accessed from within (vertical axis, spiral cord, chakras, intuitive messages) the world throughout is simply the outcome of our all Creations based on the knowledge we have allowed to obtain and managed to put into action.
Wisdom is Knowledge Manifest!
The greater our knowledge and transformed into wisdom, the greater our Creations.

All Beings are equipped with many layers of veils where it is on us to get into the game and to 'peal the onion'. God within the Individual Mind (the Personal Universe) cannot consciously perceive that he/she is consistent out of the exact same God-Energy as God's Energy that also exists in different realms or as different densities, other than the form of the body and physicality.

When One (Source) is apprehended to time in space it cannot fully see that It Is Source itself, as the hologram of the body creates the illusion of separation, which it is that what is perceived and believed through our eye-sight which is limited. We are not yet able to see energies like atoms, molecules, neurons, protons etc. without technical devices that prove of its existence instantly by being the individual observer of it at any given moment. We do have the ability to close our eyes and to see with our third eye all the things that are laying dormant, because of our visions and imagination. They are just as real, because they describe the omnipotence of all possibilities that there are, which these could materialize via our Free Will of Choice once we have 'pealed the onion' of the many layers of veils that create the smoke screen, so to speak.
Only then can we purposefully access the knowledge of the Universal Mind, the Universal Laws (God's Laws) that are to be found within in order to manifest as Wisdom that is brought forth by pure guidance into the world throughout.

We can only manifest what we 'know to be true', what we believe in, and most of all what we believe that we can achieve.
Knowledge turns into Wisdom, and Wisdom is Power!

The more we know, the better of things we can create! One Source lives life through all living beings and things all at once! This can only be understood and perceived, if the individual connects with its Higher Mind (Higher Self) as the Higher Mind (Higher Self) is the bridge to the Universal Mind (God's Mind or Source) and therefore gains access to ALL THERE IS!

Whatever is happening in the realm of the linear time/space continuum which can be described as the occurrences in all of our life situations, the occurrences in all of the life situations of the souls that have already passed, and the occurrences in all of the life situations of the souls that are still to incarnate is happening at One and The Same Time!!!

Once this is perceived and understood via the God-Mind (the Universal Mind) by all of us consciously Oneness is finally accomplished while living in the body, as all the veils and the smoke screens are lifted. The One understands with exactly this Mind and not with the Self, which is ego-based and believes in separation.

Each living entity in reality is ‘I’.

Why does the 'me' see through the eyes of one particular human being?
The answer is,
because I (me) choose so!
Yet, I (me) could see with everyone's eyes all at the same time!

Why is it then not happening to me?
The answer is,
because I (me) choose separation in order to not feel alone (all One), in order to have companions that I (me) can play with, people that reflect back love to me, as well as the short-comings that I (me) have to still overcome and to also compare my illusionary self with, and to be surrounded by people that I (me) can compete with.
I (me) also choose separation in order to experience soul-growth through a gazillion different tasks that are playing-out, which I AM (is) experiencing through the many bodies all at the same time, yet only I AM (is) consciously aware of this not the bodies in which I (me) reside!
All Brothers and Sisters are God's children, and I AM so in love with them, so much that I gave them Free Will of Choice, so we can play!

I have great visions!
I choose Love, Peace, Abundance, Health, Wealth, Joy and Happiness!
I have accomplished this all, yet I AM experiencing what it takes to having achieved this!

I have Free Will of Choice, and I experience through the physical senses of the body what it feels like to be Creation Manifest within the realm of All Time and Space, including the linear time/space continuum!

I choose what I think, and I choose what I feel, as I choose the objects and things that I consume, even what I eat. I choose what I possess, and I release what no longer serves me. I choose to play ‘The Game of Choices’ in order to experience a perfect world (the garden of Eden) of Love, Peace and Light Manifest in a realm of a particular density where duality exists, and where the dark brings out the light!

The world is within me and is extended by the manifestation of the body and perception of the world throughout as I AM its Creator called Life, which chooses freely to turn into my life story!

Brightest of Blessings
- first Spirit, then Mind, then Body -

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