Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Quantum Physic applied to Mind Power - Part 1 of 10

~ It is not in as much of WHAT a person thinks but what a person believes about his or her Thoughts. Believing creates attachment and forces a certain State of Being onto a 'body-vessel' (person) that will find itself reflected as a "Copycat" of the lie. ~ 3nitySolution

BE-LIE-VE(SSEL) . . . . . . . LIE = Limited In Experience

Seeing is Believing!

Believing what we see, as vice versa (actively) seeing what we believe means to split off a single Thought from the Whole and the All There Is! It therefore creates seperation from the Universal Mass of Concentration and inhibits a person to recognize the vastness of all possibilities!

CON CENT RATIO N = Control Center Ratio One (copyright)

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